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Our tropical dress made from Batik.

Batik is a cloth that traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique. To the Indonesian people, Batik tells fascinating story, closely connected with the Indonesian traditions, beliefs, philosophy of life, dance, drama, festivals and religious ceremonies. The design and techniques of Indonesian Batik are unique…

Each Batik centre in Indonesia, especially Java, has its own favorite patterns and color combinations. Classical Yogyakarta and Surakarta batik use geometrical designs in brown, blue and white. But north of Java, such as Pekalongan and Cirebon prefer brighter shades and more lively patterns such as animals (birds, cow) garden and flowers, clouds, etc. Glowing red, pink, blue, yellow are common here.

Sunday offer you tropical dress collection made from high quality and unique colorful Indonesia Batik design (combination: traditional and modern style). This fashion clothing design can be an alternative for summer time.